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One day course on Compositional Data Analysis

The Finnish Society of Biostatistics organizes together with Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) a one day course on Compositional Data Analysis in Tampere on Thursday 2019-05-23.

Course description

Compositional data arises in many different situations where variables represent the parts of the whole. Biostatistical examples include, for instance, body composition (bones, muscles, fat, water, other), time use during a day (sleeping, sitting, standing, exercising), food composition (protein, fat, sugars, etc.), genetics (genotype frequencies) and land use (urban, agricultural, forest, conservated, etc.).

The course is given by Prof. Pepus Daunis-i-Estadella (Research Group in Statistics and Compositional Data Analysis, University of Girona)

Detailed description of the course (PDF)


Tampere, the exact location will be announced later.


The course starts at 9.15 am. There are train connections from Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä that arrive at Tampere around 9 am. The course ends about 5 pm.


Link to registration form

The deadline for the registration is 2019-05-10. The deadline for the early bird registration is 2019-04-17.

Course fees

  • Members (membership paid for 2018 or a new member): 45 euro (paid by 2019-04-17) / 55 euro (paid by 2019-05-10)
  • Student members (full-time students who do not receive salary): 10 euro
  • Employees of LUKE: 0 euro
  • Others: 150 euro (paid by 2019-04-17) / 250 euro (paid by 2019-05-10)