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Bayesian Data Analysis

Suomen biostatistiikan seura järjestää jäsenilleen Bayes-kurssin Tampereen yliopistolla 29.-30.10.2020.

Kurssia luennoi Jarno Vanhatalo (Helsingin yliopisto).

Kurssin kuvaus

The course covers the basic theory behind Bayesian modelling and its application to practical data analysis. After the The course students understand the basics Bayes theory and are able to apply it to construct simple hierarchical models. Covered topics include:

  • Introduction to Bayesian inference: Bayes rule, prior and posterior distribution.
  • Technical necessities in implementing Bayesian models: Monte Carlo methods, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), Stan software
  • Hierarchical models and their graphical representation
  • Model assessment, criticism and comparison: posterior predictive check, sensitivity analysis, posterior predictive comparison, cross-validation, Bayes Factor

Kurssi luennoidaan suomeksi. Kurssin kuvaus on englanniksi koska alkuperäinen kurssi on englanninkielinen.

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