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The Finnish Society of Biostatistics

The Finnish Society of Biostatistics advances discussion and change of information between statisticians and researchers from the biological and medical fields. For this purpose the society organizes events for educational training, presentations and discussions, and contributes in other ways to development of the members' professional skills.

The society was founded in 1987 and has currently almost 300 members working in universities, pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and other corporations. The society co-operates with other statistical and related scientific associations to promote statistical thinking in biological and medical research. The society is a member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies since 2010.

A biostatistician or a person who is interested in biostatistics can be accepted as a member of the Finnish Society of Biostatistics. The annual fee of the society is circa six euros. If you want to join the society, please fill in the application form (in finnish).


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Suomen Biostatistiikan Seura ry
Biostatistiska Föreningen i Finland rf
The Finnish Society of Biostatistics
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